Always like sunflower

Tokiwa group thinks about realization of reliable safe living in the first at good quality and, like sunflower which turns, and blooms in the sun, always stares at customer.

From Thursday, July 09 to Tuesday, July 14

<< Tokyo Masuiwaya >> yukata club

■Beppu shop 1F/center mall    Held in "<< Tokyo Masuiwaya >> yukata club" at Beppu shop 1F center mall. All yukata article evils shop becomes very usually more affordable than price with 50%OFF. In addition, we dress customer of purchase free and perform service. In summer of passing of the rainy season, would you like to enjoy the cool of the evening with yukata?

Beppu shop
From Thursday, July 09 to Sunday, July 26

Food hall & restaurant recommended menu

We guide tokiwa Beppu shop recommended menu from food hall of tokiwa Beppu shop west hall basement and restaurant area on the seventh floor. There is takeout menu, too and can enjoy gourmet of Beppu hometown at home. << height of store specializing in Beppu spreading by hand naengmyeon six >> ■The west hall basement/food hall naengmyeon (regular) …… 830 yen (heap of) …… 1,030 yen (*sei) …… We pour 1,180 yen soup and are eatable immediately. << the restaurant Orient eaves >> ■Obtain the west hall basement/food hall take-out; the sky …… One article of the Orient eaves tradition that only 933 yen domestic chicken selected carefully used. << Japanese-style restaurant village headman >> ■Deep-fried east the seventh floor of the hall/restaurant area chicken tempura lunch …… Deep-fried chicken of the training in 842 yen shop. It is lunch which included fried prawn in cuttlefish and vegetables tempura. << restaurant komorebi >> ■East the seventh floor of the hall/restaurant area cold Chinese noodles …… It is one article of recommendation that put ingredients which are full of color on 1,180 yen soy sauce bass. << the eighty-eighth day from the setting-in of spring another house >> ■East the seventh floor of the hall/restaurant gaimegumigozen …… 1,518 yen ※All the published products are displayed with consumption tax-included price.

Beppu shop
From Thursday, July 09 to Sunday, July 26

The Beppu station square yell festival "Sky Theater in Beppu station square"

In movie theater "Sky Theater" (the sky theater) outdoor the roof of  tokiwa Beppu evicting a tenant body parking lot. Tokiwa Beppu shop cooperates with Beppu-shi "onsen prefecture entertainment executive committee" and holds event. We will show movie in the roof of three-dimensional parking lot. 7/24 Friday (holiday) 18:30 special performance 20:00 screening movie "primary schoolchild as for the young proprietress!" Appearance of voice: Seiran Kobayashi/Nana Mizuki/So Matsuda water supervision: 7/25 Kitaro Kosaka Saturday 18:30 hula Hawaiian stage 20:00 screening movie "furagaru" lead: Yasuko Matsuyuki/Etsushi Toyokawa/Director Yu Aoi: The Shonichi Ri 7/26 Sunday 18:30 hittoparedazu live performance 20:00 screening movie "mentaipiriri" lead: Hanamaru Hakata/Director Yasuko Tomita: We consider social distance by Eguchi perception [seating capacity]  division system ticket (1 division should be recommendation to about 3*3m, five people. [three adults, two children] ) [rate] S division seat: 10,000 yen/A division seat: 7,500 yen/B division red: 5,000 yen ※As for the sale in CAMPFIRE, 5% of fees are added to the above price. [ticketing] Please purchase participation ticket with crowd funding page "CAMPFIRE campfire". We make sale (plan until Monday, July 13) in the tokiwa Beppu shop east hall 1F information desk. ※Application order the first in every day ※In the case of two-thirds, rainy weather does by carrying-over on Monday to the next week as spare day at rainy weather. ※It becomes outside site about linked page. To the following reference, please if you have any questions about contents. Contact  1-28, Ekimaehonmachi, Beppu-shi Ryo Sonoda (secretary general)  Tel: 090-7396-3673

Beppu shop
From Thursday, July 02 to Wednesday, July 15

Distinguished priest learned and virtuous priest handwriting exhibition

After Buddhism transmission, tenkan does handwriting of the pipe head, chief abbot, Chief Abbot of the Honganji Temple, elder, the chief priest of each denomination following ceaselessly in one place.

The head office
From Wednesday, July 01 to Thursday, July 30

It is performed theater Beppu-za July publicly aimlessly

■Tokiwa Beppu shop 7F/popular play aimlessly popular play ground on the seventh floor of the theater Beppu-za Beppu shop << aimlessly theater Beppu-za >>. Performance of July is theatrical company wisteria ◇Suspension of the performance day Wednesday, July 15, 31st Friday ◆Last day of a public performance Thursday, July 30 [opening time] matinee: 12:30 -/evening performance: 17:30 ... ※Opening time is changed from July. Please be careful. Phone number We locate to have customers leave interval between the all around in 0977-23-7770 [reservation direct] 080-1758-1598 [approach of theater for prevention of new coronavirus infection], the seat and sit down. ・Employee wears mask and works. ・Employee performs thermometry and thorough washing of finger, alcohol sterilization before duty. ・After the curtain, seat, handrail, table sterilizes all the places where customer touches if before the start. ・At the time of entrance, we measure with non-contact thermometer. (when you are 37.5 degrees Celsius or more, please refrain from entrance.) ・In the case of goods sale to perform in intermission, please note that member of a theatrical company wears mask and gloves. ・Please note that you refrain from sending out after the curtain. [to arrived customer ask] ・We ask for wearing of mask. (case without wearing, please refrain from entrance.) ・As you install alcohol antiseptic solution in theater entrance, please sterilize finger by all means in nyutaikanji. ・Person worrying about physical condition including a cough and fever, please refrain from visits.

Beppu shop
From Wednesday, July 01 to Friday, July 31

July entertainment guidance

We introduce entertainment of each floor of wasada town July ♪ For more details, from this

wasada shop
From Wednesday, July 01 to Friday, July 31

Holiday ★Holiday

It should be postponement or cancellation by convenience on announcement of festival open space event "holiday ★ holiday" postponement or cancellation festival open space event "holiday ★ holiday" when is scheduled to be held in July. We hold in usual, and "wa tongue Waterland" (pool) will cancel in this year. I am very sorry to customer who had you look forward to the event, but I would like understanding, cooperation. We will tell about following event on homepage as soon as it is decided.

wasada shop
From Monday, June 29 to Friday, July 31

Guidance of entertainment of July

■Head office 8F/event ground--------------------------from Thursday, June 18 to Wednesday, August 5 ※The last day is midsummer gift gift center <8F/north, central event ground>--------------------------from Friday, July 3 to Tuesday, July 14 of closing sunflower at 17:00 ※The last day is taste Marchais <8F/center event ground>--------------------------from Thursday, July 16 to Tuesday, July 21 of 18:00 closing north ※The last day is - Tuesday, July 28 on Thursday (holiday) on closing ladies' wear pret-a-porter brand & brand sale <the 8F/center, south event ground>--------------------------July 23 at 17:00 ※The last day is closing ladies' wear the sale <the 8F/center, south event ground>--------------------------from Thursday, July 30 to Wednesday, August 5 at 17:00 ※The last day 17:00 closing Lady's boutique summer clothing good-bye sale <the 8F/center, south event ground>

The head office
From Monday, June 01 to Wednesday, August 12

2020 tokiwa choice tray lanterns

■Tray to respect the spirit of a dead person of Beppu shop west the fourth floor of the hall/special event space deceased and Senzo, and to remember. Please choose preparation, tray lantern of tray among tokiwa specialty.

Beppu shop

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Tokiwa, Toki are showy

We do normal day on special day and Non-daily space can go on a trip and It is sho migakoboreruyona unintentionally Information that is "season" of thing and thing!